What will my child achieve at Pre-school

The children learn through play and complete a range of child led and adult led activities. In our continuous provision we have a maths and fine motor control area, building and small world area, craft tables, water play, painting, malleable table activities, sensory play, role play area, book area, home corner and technology table. Outside we have a mud kitchen, reading den, role play area and sand trays. We use the climbing equipment, balance beams and big build area. We can ride bikes and scooters around the track and explore in the wild life garden. We have a growing area to grow vegetables in. We provide a range of healthy snacks at Pre-school in the morning and afternoon sessions. Donations are asked for on a voluntary basis.

Key persons

Each child at Pre-school has a key person. The key person observes the children in a variety of ways. We collect on entry data on the children and information from their families. Key persons work together to plan for the individual needs of their key children. We do this on a rolling basis to inform our short term planning. Key persons work through the development matters part of the Early Years Foundation Stage with their key children and plan for their next steps through observations. These include photographs, observations, drawings and samples of writing plus information and observations from the children’s families. All the staff team are available to help with areas you are working on at home or any issues that arise throughout the children’s time at Pre-school.

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